Reramping the Forge

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Here at Forgeworks we use a gas forge to heat our steel up to around 2400 F. The forge is the heart of a blacksmith shop and so when it goes down, its like a stroke to the human body. Last week we had a serious stroke and we needed to do some big open heart surgery on our forge …

Forging Ahead

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We are busy forging ahead on our industrial spiral stairs! These stairs need to look like they have been through it all and stood the test of time. To create this look, we take each piece and hammer it all over to create a heavily stress look. Its pretty fun, a way to achieve this is to turn on your …

Industrial Spiral Stairs

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Stairs are a large part of what we do here at Forgeworks because almost every house needs one. Stairs are a simple effective way to go up and down from one place to another, but the problem with stairs is that they take up alot of room. Thats where spiral stairs can really shine, they are effective and compact providing …

Wall Mounted Railing

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Forgeworks had the pleasure and privilege of working with JOMI Construction to design and build some forged ironwork for one of their projects. One part of the project needed railings, and it was derived upon that the best way to tackle this was to utilize creating a wall mounted railing, not only does it look great, it frees up as …

Tools Tools Tools for the Fly Press

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Being a blacksmith puts you into a very unique position. Almost all tools are made out of steel, which is the material we work with, so instead of picking up your new favorite tool from your local tool supplier, and setting to work with it. We instead make all our own tools ourselves, since you can’t really buy blacksmithing tools too readily these …

Forged Beams

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Had the pleasure of making some custom forged beams that are used to support wood planks for a fence. Not just ordinary beams would do, these needed to have lots of texture forged into them, so as to fit in with the rest of the fence! It was nice to have a chance to texture some long pieces under the …

New Website! New Blog!

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We just launched a new website and have lots of fun updates following in the weeks to come! Another new addition to the site is a blog! This is where we will be keeping you in the loop with whats going on behind the scene at Forge Works!