Final Fit

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The old saying is measure three times, cut once and it rings true every time you stick to it. But try to make short cuts and get by without doing the extra checking and it always comes back to haunt you!

We’ve spent a lot of time going over every detail of these railings for Stanley Park, but just before they go to the finishers to get galvanized and painted, we wanted to triple check that everything was perfect, so that nothing would come back and haunt us! We loaded them up on the flat deck and drove them to their soon-to-be home in Vancouver. Unloading them was a piece of cake with the truck operator working his magic with his crane. Once they were on the ground we could see how everything lined up and with a sigh of relief, everything looked perfect! Next we laid out where the concrete needed to be cut for foundations and then the railings are off to the painters! Can’t wait to see them all finished up! Now its back to the shop to make another two sets of railings for the other lanes!


Railings On Truck  Box SideJPG Corner Flower Box Side


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