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With every project, you go through various stages of emotions towards it. At the beginning you are always all fired up and can’t wait to get cracking at a new project. Then as the days progress into weeks, emotions can flip back and forth, sometimes at the drop of the hat. But as it all comes together, and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it gets exciting all over again!

This is where we are now with our railings for Stanley park! We have spent lots of time working out the details and making sure each part is exactly how we want it. Then, with excitement, fitting the pieces together in final assembly. Its been a slow and hard process, with the occasional “stand back and scratch our head” moments, as to how we are going to handle and fit such large and heavy pieces together!

Now that it is standing up and all together, you have the long awaited, final thing left to do – step back and look at it! This seems like a small thing, but when you have been visualizing what it will look like in your mind for over a year, it’s very exciting! You step back and simply look at all the details that have come together to make an extraordinary final view.

With assembly done, next we will be making a small gate, that will attach to one end of the railing. On the job site, we will do a quick dry fit and then send it to the painters before final installation!

Check back for more pictures of the final project installed at Stanley Park, Vancouver! Almost there!


Railing Section Railing Section standing upFull Lenght One Side of Railing Other Side





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