No Ordinary Door Handle

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Not too long ago I was asked by one of our clients if I would be interested in designing some handles for their fridge, and of course, I jumped on the opportunity because I knew that no ordinary handle would do for this fridge! From the outside, this fridge looks like an old worn door that you would see in an European castle, but wrestle the door open and you are instantly met with a 21st-century fridge!

Lucky for me my job was to make the handles match the outside and not the inside. The handles are about three feet tall and are made out of solid 2″ sq bar with each handle weighing about 10lbs! Long tapers with blacksmithed square holes, where the mounting bars run into the door, making this pleasant to the eyes and touch. We wanted the handles to simply vanish into the fridge, so with some modification to the back of the fridge we were able to run the mounting bars of the handle straight into the door, giving a nice tight feel to everything. All in all it turned out great and fits right in with the rest of the kitchen!


Fridge Door HandleCollars on door handleClose up of door handle

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