Range Hood

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A little while back, some clients asked if I would like to build a range hood for their new kitchen, and of course I said yes! Range hoods add so much to kitchens, whether it be a design with contemporary lines or, as we built for our client this time, a subtle steampunk design. Their always a great project!

Range hoods really aren’t that difficult to make. It usually starts with how much room do we have in the kitchen- sometimes between kitchen cabinets or the range hood needs to come down and meet with the tile etc. Next we look at what your fan and controls look like and the functional requirements for that! Then the final thing and most important in my opinion, what do you want it to say or look like! After this, is designing and building it! Range hoods often look very large and heavy, but in truth, its usually just a relatively light frame with a thin skin of sheet metal to cover it!

Finishing, is where it really starts to come together. With so many finishes to work with, we can create such variate and different options to make it just right! This time we got to do one of our favorite finishes, a patina finish. It’s always tricky business working with patinas as they are a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of the steel. In more simpler terms, controlled rust in this case! After the finish is done its off to install it and mount the hardware inside and get cook’en!

Frame of Range Hood Ready for PatinaPatina Painted Range Hood Instaleed Range hood 2

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