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When you tell people you are a blacksmith, they assume two things. First, you should be 300 + lbs and look like a gorilla, and secondly that you make horse shoes. Neither of these really have worked for me. My physique is just not the gorilla type, and as for horses and horse shoes, I gave that up along time ago.

Way back when I first got the blacksmithing bug, I had an opportunity to watch a farrier at work (these are the “real” blacksmiths, the people who actually make horse shoes in this day and age). It all seemed pretty cool till about the part when he was bent over working on the back leg of the horse and the horse decided to give him some, lets just say, heavily processed hay all down his back! Instant turn off for this boy (not doing that!) The running joke is whenever somebody asks if I shoe horses, I always tell them if they bring me their horse I will “shoe it away.”

But as it would seem, you can only run so long and it all catches up. Our current project on the go is all based upon horse theme elements. Last week it was the big horse shoe nail corner posts, and this week is horse shoes that will be going between the pickets for our Stanley Park project. Of course these are not “real” horse shoes and are stylized with lots of texture and individuality. In the end I’d have to admit, it was pretty fun making these shoes… but not too sure I would wanna try putting them on a horse!

Horse Shoes

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