Old Dog New Tricks

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I’ve recently been, once again, convicted to push harder on marketing and promoting what I do, and one of the avenues of this is to have better and more photographs. I was looking at, hiring somebody professional to come in and shoot finished projects, along with additional footage at the shop. But the ingrained cheap Mennonite in me said, “Hey if you spend twice as much money than to hire a professional you could do this yourself!”  The next thing I knew, I found myself with a new camera and feeling a little like a fish out of water, started the process of learning how to become a photographer.

I’m pushing myself to try and always be on the lookout for cool shots and show what is going on in the blacksmith shop with my camera. I’ll still be blogging here, so don’t go away, but I’ve also added a new social media platform to the arsenal, instagram. So if you fancy, take a minute or two and check it out blacksmithtimothydyck  and come along with me on my new adventure of being a photographer!





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