Stanley Park Horses

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This is a project that has been on the go for a good while now, but I just haven’t had the time to update with whats what. The design is based off of things related to horses, like horse shoes, horse nails and such. These railings make lanes where the horses of Stanley park await their passengers to tour them around the park in Vancouver.

After the design was created, the next step was to draw the railings out full scale on wood. Its takes lots of time to do this, but it makes sure everything is perfect before any forging starts, and it also gives a perfect template for making each part! After that, it was on to the pickets which look like horse shoe nails. The top hand rail has been forged into a nice shape that will encourage people to grasp it with their hands.  I’ve left the railing awaiting riveting together, and am now working on making the corner posts which look like huge horse shoe nails. I’ll update with a blog about these, because they in themselves are a cool project! Keep checking back as I will try my best to keep updated with how this project is coming along!


Railing on drawing  Railings read for rivetingSmall railins read for rivetingTop hand rail

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