The bilingual language of blacksmithing

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a young traveling blacksmith work with us at the shop. It’s a bit of a story as to how he got to us and why it was only for one day,¬†but that’s for another day.

John Baptist. He has been working as a blacksmith 8 hrs a day since he was 15 years old. He has taught himself enough English to travel around Canada working for blacksmiths! Even though we could not communicate well through words (I knowing no French and he only self-taught English), it was evident very quickly that our common bond and language was blacksmithing. Working side by side we were able to effortlessly work together to complete the tasks at  hand. It was a very encouraging and satisfying experience to share in the joy and love for blacksmithing with a new found friend from another country.

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Upset posts done by traveling french man

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